Welcome to CRACKPOP!

Hello fellow pop culture fans! I’m thrilled that you have found me.. or really that we have found each other! If you’re anything like me and you often find yourself obsessing over the craziest, most bizarre conspiracy theories out there, then you have found your new home!

I used to think that spending a huge amount of my time watching Youtube videos and documentaries about all of the wild and scary things that happen in our culture was greatly wasting my time. Then I realized- there are so many others out there like me! And we need not be ashamed! Life’s too short to live on the surface! Let me take you deeper than others dare to go.

What can you expect from the CRACKPOP Podcast?

    • Does the Illuminati actually exist? Is your favorite pop star really a clone or doppelgänger?
    • Does playing The Joker in the Batman series curse the lives of the actors who portray him?
    • Was Shakespeare even an actual person? Or was the acclaimed playwright just the one who got all the credit?

Along with episodes discussing:



CRACKPOPS– are you in??

Look out for a brand new bite-sized episode every Monday that you can enjoy on your commute to or from work or school!

AND if there’s a mystery, conspiracy, or any other topic you’d like me to cover in a future episode- check out the “SUGGEST A TOPIC” section of our website. And don’t forget to include your name so we can credit you if we choose to air your suggestion!

As always, for more content and to stay updated on all things CRACKPOP:

Follow us @crackpopnetwork on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok!

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