Could the self-proclaimed “happiest place on Earth” just be a front for some of the darker and more secretive happenings that actually define the park’s history?

Shrouded in mysteries and conspiracies, I want to expose two spooky truths that Disneyland park in Anaheim, California might be trying to bury.


Episode Contents:

    • Opening the Park: In 1955, Walter Elias Disney first opened the gates to his dreamy, wonderland of an amusement park in Anaheim, California. He had such a strong interest in future technologies, that he even dedicated an entire land of the park to it: Tomorrowland. Some of the early rides in this park included Autopia, the Monorail, and The Carousel of Progress.
    • Disney’s Death: Having been a heavy smoker for most of his life, Walt was prone to many respiratory illnesses. Then in 1966, Walt underwent surgery to remove a cancerous growth on his left lung. The surgery was a success, although he returned the next month when he felt unwell, and passed away 15 days later in the hospital due to cardiovascular collapse. A funeral service was held for him the very next day and then he was cremated the next… although many have speculated that Disney was actually cryogenically frozen.
    • Proposed “Proof” that Disney’s Body is Frozen
      • 1) Walt was fascinated by advancing technologies
        • Two separate biographies written about Disney post-death (Disney’s World by Leonard Mosely and Walt Disney—Hollywood’s Dark Prince by Marc Eliot) each argue that Disney was interested in cryonics.
        • One of the last books Disney ever read before his death was Robert C.W. Ettinger’s 1964 book, The Prospect of Immortality, in which he optimistically describes the possibility and future of cryonics- the freezing and storage of human bodies that could eventually be thawed and returned to life.
      • 2) Cryonics is a real, practical preservation method for the dead
        • Prices at these holding facilities range from $28,000 to more than $200,000
        • Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Seth MacFarlane, and Simon Cowell have publicly admitted their plans to be preserved on ice after their deaths.
        • The most famous man to be cryogenically frozen is baseball hall-of-famer Ted Williams. He was arranged to be cremated, but his kids produced a paper napkin as evidence that he actually wanted to be preserved. (see photo below)
        • Not even ONE MONTH after Disney’s death, the world froze its first person ever: Dr. James Bedford who died in Glendale, California… five miles from where Disney himself had died.
      • 3) There are secret underground tunnels below the park
        • Disney World in Orlando, FL has an intricate, 392,040 square-foot underground tunnel system (see photo below) for their employees which includes: locker rooms, warm-up rooms, food vendors, control centers, and even a hair salon!
        • Disneyland preceded Disney World, so their tunnel system is not as elaborate, and apparently most cast members aren’t even informed of their existence.
        • Allegedly, there’s an entire underground facility beneath the entire New Orleans Square that is several floors deep… is this where Walt’s body is being stored?
      • 4) Frozen (2013) was created solely to bury the rumor
        • The 1844 fairytale “The Snow Queen” inspired the 2013 film, but evidently Disney has been interested in adapting the fairytale since the 1930’s.
        • Conspirators argue that the Disney corporation pushed this adaption and chose to name it “Frozen” as soon as the rise of the internet brought the rumor back to the public’s attention.
    • Most Logical “Proof” that Disney’s Body is Frozen
      • 1) A Spotlite reporter walked in on Disney’s frozen body
        • A few weeks after Disney’s death, a reporter published an article insisting that he snuck into the hospital where Disney was being treated and saw Disney’s body suspended in a cryonic metal cylinder.
      • 2) Interview with California Cryonics Society’s President Robert Nelson
        • During an interview in 1972, Nelson admitted that Disney’s relatives reached out to him just days before his death and asked extensive questions about the cryogenic freezing process.
        • But Nelson suggests that they were too late and then two weeks later, they actually froze their first man… or was he just the first man the public knew about?
The napkin used as proof that Ted Williams wanted to be frozen upon his death.

A map of the underground tunnel system at Disney World in Orlando, FL.

A look inside the underground tunnel system at Disney World.

    • As this was the last project Walt Disney ever oversaw before his death, he was adamant that the prop skeletons made of shiny plastic and paper mache were too unconvincing…
    • SO, the Imagineers were given dozens of REAL, HUMAN SKELETONS from the anatomy department at UCLA to decorate the ride.
    • When technology increased and prop skeletons became more realistic, eventually the skeletons were replaced with fake ones and then donated back to their home countries (check out the episode for more on this).
    • EXCEPT for one human skull which has been confirmed by cast members to be real and remains on the ride today- the skull on the headboard of the Captain’s Quarters (see photos below).
    • BUT several investigations and reports suggest that there are still three other hyper-realistic skeletons on the ride today that are actual human remains… (see photos below)
      • 1) The stabbed pirate with a seagull in his hat after the second drop.
      • 2) A skull on the sake island where the stabbed pirate is found,
      • 3) The trapped corpse beneath a fallen beam at the end of the ride.
Cast member confirming that the skull on the headboard is a real, human skull.

Catch a front row ride on Pirates of the Caribbean here.


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