Hollywood’s unhealthy obsession for tearing down successful, blossoming, beautiful Hollywood “It-Girls” is nothing brand new.

Is one of America’s favorite pop stars and entertainers of all-time just the latest, tragic example of someone jailed by their own fame? AND is she leaving clues behind for us– beckoning for anyone to come and save her?


Episode Contents:

    • 1981: Britney is born December 2, 1981 to her parents James and Lynne spears in rural Mississippi.
    • 1992: 10-year-old Britney competes on “Star Search” but loses out to her competitor.
    • 1993: Britney lands her role on Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Club”- starring alongside Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling.
    • 1996: “Mickey Mouse Club” is cancelled and Britney returns home where she enrolls in public high school.
    • 1998: Britney signs with JIVE records and releases her first single “… Baby One More Time” and becomes an overnight pop sensation.
    • 1998: As soon as she steps foot into the limelight, 16-year-old Britney is hounded for her promiscuous videos and songs. Reporters and interviewers flood her with questions about her virginity.
    • 2002: Justin Timberlake releases music video for “Cry Me a River” where a doppelgänger plays an unfaithful Britney Spears- Justin airs all their dirty laundry and private details about their sex life.
    • 2003: At the MTV VMA’s, Britney and Madonna kiss on-stage, causing another mass media storm in her direction.
    • 2004: In January, Britney marries childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, but her mom and manager send lawyers to get the wedding annulled after just 55 hours.
    • 2004: In September, Britney and NSYNC backup dancer Kevin Federline get married. Britney pens an open-letter declaring she’s taking a break to focus on her family.
    • 2005: Britney gives birth to her first son.
    • 2006: Britney is photographed driving along PCH with her infant son on her lap.
    • 2006: After this photo is leaked by the press, every form of media attacks Britney and questions her effectiveness as a mother.
    • 2006: In November, Britney and Kevin file for divorce.
The infamous photo that arguably started the quick decline of Britney’s mental health.
    • Britney’s closest relative, her aunt Sandra, dies from cancer.
    • Britney checks herself into a rehab center.
    • February 17: Britney is photographed buzzing off her hair at an LA salon.
    • February 20: Three nights later, Britney checks herself into Promises Malibu.
    • Federline arranges for an emergency custody hearing to take full custody of their two sons.
    • February 21: Britney leaves the rehab center to talk things through with Kevin, but is instead cornered by the paparazzi. She loses control of her anger and attacks a paparazzi member and their car with an umbrella.
    • February 22: Britney returns to Promises Malibu and completes a 30-day stay there.
    • September 9: Britney takes the VMA’s stage for her “Comeback Performance” but bombs it, and the media attacks her once again.
February 21, 2007: Britney lets her emotions get the best of her as she attacks a paparazzi’s car.
    • 2008: Britney’s father James files for a conservatorship and becomes conservator over Britney’s life after her last stay at Promises Malibu.
    • 2008-2020: Britney has remained under control of her conservators, where allegedly she’s not allowed to use social media, drive or even vote without their permission.
    • 2019:
      • January 4: Britney calls off her Vegas residency and announces an indefinite work hiatus.
      • January/April: Britney is checked into a mental health institution.
    • A former paralegal working for the law firm overseeing Britney’s conservatorship calls into fan-produced podcast “Britney’s Gram” and leaves this ominous voicemail:
    • 2019: At the end of the year, James temporarily stepped down as her conservator due to a medical emergency. He is replaced by Britney’s healthcare manager Jodi Montgomery.
    • 2020: In August, Britney legally filed for her father to not return to his role as conservator, and has since been granted the right to a more representative legal counsel.
    • One viral TikTok video claimed Spears spelled out “HELP” in an Instagram post through specific body poses. 
    • Another video suggested that Britney’s eyelashes were actually shaped and manipulated to spell out “Call 911” in one of her Instagram selfies.
    • On a TikTok video, users left comments urging her to “wear yellow” and “do a spin” if she needed help, and on the next upload she did just that.
    • Another time, a fan left a comment demanding Britney let us know where she is so we can save her. In the next video- Britney is dancing to “Malibu” by Kim Petras.
In another video, Britney hid behind this hat, and one TikTok user claims that when zoomed in, the mark she is pointing to says: “HELP”
    • Britney’s former photographer recorded a long video series of him reading and showing an alleged handwritten note that Britney had given to him in 2008.
    • He insists that Britney’s conservators found and destroyed the letter, but he had luckily copied the letter before then.
    • The contents of that letter are shared below:


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