Having built the foundation for Nicktoons, Rugrats is remembered today as one of the Nickelodeon’s most favorite classics…

But was a show about baby friends and their backyard adventures actually a show about something much scarier, much more sophisticated … and did the babies even exist at all???

The conspiracy theory states that Angelica Pickles, due to the neglect she suffers from her very busy parents, has just imagined all of the babies to be real- when really, they are all dead or were never born to begin with.


Episode Contents:

Co-founders and husband and wife Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo. Their animation company KLASKY-CSUPO went on to produce several Nicktoons including: The Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power, and As Told by Ginger.
The third member of Nickelodeon’s golden trio behind Rugrats: Paul Germain. Germain is almost solely responsible for the original episodes of the show, and he would later leave due to creative differences with Klasky.
    • The Tumblr Theory:
      • “The Rugrats really were a figment of Angelica’s demonic and unimaginable imagination.
      • Chuckie died in 1986 along with his mother, that’s why Chaz is a nervous wreck all the time.
      • Tommy was born in 1988, but he was a stillborn, that’s why Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live.
      • The DeVilles had an abortion in 1990, Angelica couldn’t figure whether it would be a boy or a girl thus creating the twins.”
    • The Creepypasta Theory:
      • “As for “All Grown Up,” Angelica was a bipolar schizophrenic, who, as a teenager, became addicted to various narcotics, bringing her back to her childhood, thus creating a world in her mind that she obsessed over. Because of the time lapse between the present and the last time she interacted with her imaginary world, she made them older. Angelica was [constantly] taking hits of acid so she would never have to live without her creations. To her, her creations were her only company in a judgemental world.
      • Angelica’s mom actually died of a heroin overdose. Angelica was schizophrenic and bipolar because she was a crack baby. Additionally, Drew, in his depression, married a gold digging whore that Angelica idolized because she fooled herself into thinking it was her real mom. However, she always had a concept of her mom, Cynthia. She used a barbie doll to mirror her birth mother’s image—wearing an unwashed orange dress and jacked up hair—which is why she was so attached to it. Later in life she followed in her mother’s footsteps, dying of overdose at age 13 when “All Grown Up!” was “cancelled.”
    • Rugrats is expected to return to Nickelodeon in 2021, with a 26-episode season currently in production that gives the characters brand new, CGI-based look (see photo below).
    • All three founders are signed on for i: Klasky, Csupo AND Germain, but since all of its original viewers are much older now- are they going to cater to the younger crowd and start all over with the babies… or are they trying to win back the millennial viewers and are planning on taking us to the darker places of Angelica’s mind that they only teased us with when the show originally ran??
The new and improved, CGI-based look for some of your favorite Nicktoons- coming 2021.
Also for nostalgia purposes… IYKYK


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