You might think you know everything there is to know about Disneyland in Anaheim, CA (one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world), but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that cast members and Imagineers don’t WANT you to know about.

I’ll expose some of the dark secrets surrounding your favorite theme park, and later I’ll get into why many people believe that while Disneyland might be the HAPPIEST place on earth- it might also be the most HAUNTED.


Episode Contents:


Did You Know Disney Employees Never Point With One Finger? Here's Why! –  Nerdism
Some employees have exposed the park as having strict rules for its cast members. These include not being allowed to have visible tattoos or hair dyed an unnatural color, being forbidden to speak of their character role outside of work, and being required to point with two fingers instead of one. Most surprising though- some reports suggest that cast members are not allowed to receive medical attention (including life-saving CPR) while in costume in order to protect the magic and image of Disney.


Disney licenses "Go Away Green" to military |
This shade of green is used throughout the park to disguise certain parts that they don’t want your eyes to focus on since your mind prefers to typically ignore or look over this shade.
The show buildings (the large white buildings above) which house the tracks for the many amusement park rides are painted in “Go Away” Green to blend into the trees. It’s truly remarkable to see this part of the land (New Orleans Square) from above since when you’re fully immersed in the park, you don’t see these buildings.
Club 33 New-Look Photo Tour & Review - Disney Tourist Blog
An inside look of Club 33- Disney’s exclusive, invitation-only club that caps out at 500 members and requires a $25,000 initiation fee and a $10,000-$30,000 annual membership fee.


Smellitizers - Duchess of Disneyland
These machines that look like speakers are called Smellitizers and are used throughout the park to blast scents out to guests with the intention of enticing the senses to purchase food.
Recent Disney Patent Application Indicates New "Smellitzer" Scent  Technology Being Developed for Use at Disney Parks - WDW News Today
A diagram of the technology behind the Smellitizers. The technology is also used on Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean which is why the aromas of these rides always feel familiar.


Ducks of Disney: Donald's Dynasty - Disney Tourist Blog
Disneyland park is a breeding ground for many species of wildlife- one of the most popular being ducks.
When the 1992 “Fantasmic!” show premiered at Disneyland, park employees quickly realized a big problem: the fire effects used when the 45-foot tall dragon roars fire into the lake was burning DOZENS of ducks alive each night.


That Urban Legend of Disney Fans Scattering Human Ashes at Disneyland is  True and its Worse Than You Think — GeekTyrant
It’s been confirmed that dozens of park guests EACH year sneak in the cremated remains of their dead loved ones and attempt to spread their ashes there. The most popular place in the park where these ashes end up is The Haunted Mansion.


10+ People Who Lost Their Lives At DisneyLand
1966: Thomas Cleveland (age 19) tried to sneak into a Grad Night by climbing over the Monorail Track. The Monorail hit him, dragged his body several hundred feet, and killed him.
Vintage Disneyland Tickets: Remembering Deborah - July 8, 1974
1974: Deborah Stone (age 18) was killed when she was crushed to death while operating America Sings ( which is Now the Innovations Building). She walked between the wall of the rotating audience section and the stationary stage- got stuck- and was crushed.
10 Shocking Deaths at Disney Parks - Toptenz.net
1984: Regena “Dolly” Young (age 48) was riding in a bobsled on the Matterhorn, when In the middle of the ride, she unbuckled herself, possibly to assist a child sitting in front of her. She stood up just before a dip where the other track crosses over the track her sled was riding on. She hit her head on the bridge, fell onto the track and when the next sled came along, Dolly got run over, and some reports even suggest she was decapitated.


Walt Disney

A look inside Walt Disney's apartment : The DIS Unplugged Disney Podcast
There’s this urban legend surrounding Walt Disney’s second-story firehouse apartment at Disneyland. Allegedly, a housekeeper was cleaning his apartment after he had passed, and when she left she noticed the lamp in the window was still lit. She went back up, turned it off, headed back out, and saw that the lamp was lit again. She did this whole thing over again, turned it off, left, and saw it had come back on. This time, when she went back up to turn it off, the lamp turned back on right in front of her. Many guests believe Walt Disney still haunts the park to this day.

Mr. One Way

At around 02:30 in the above video, you can see the ghost which many people have nicknamed “Mr. One Way.” It’s this red-haired man who is known to join single riders and get on the ride- only to disappear by the time the ride is over. (Also in the video: 00:12- The Tower of Terror Maintenance Ride and 01:11- The Fireworks show ghost)

The Wandering Man

By far the creepiest ghost video I’ve ever seen online is this video of what looks like a ghost leaving the Haunted Mansion, walking RIGHT through the closed iron gates in front of the ride, and heading through New Orleans Square. This CCTV footage was caught on MULTIPLE cameras at different angles and shows the path this apparition takes.


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