When 21-year-old Elisa Lam checked into the haunted Cecil Hotel in LA of January 2013, she couldn’t have possibly known that she would never check out.

Twenty days after she was reported missing, Elisa’s lifeless body was found drowned inside one of the hotel’s rooftop water tanks. But the LAPD’s investigation into her death took a wild turn as surveillance footage taken from inside her last elevator ride made its rounds on the internet- leading many to theorize that something strange and otherworldly had happened to her.

Let’s examine their theories.


Episode Contents:

Elisa Lam death: Water from LA hotel cistern 'safe' - BBC News
21-year-old Canadian college student Elisa Lam was on a trip to California when she made a pit stop in Los Angeles. She checked into the Cecil Hotel on January 28th and never actually checked out. When her parents back home hadn’t heard from her, they reported her missing and a large-scale investigation into her disappearance began.
When LAPD released THIS strange footage of Elisa Lam taken from the night she disappeared, the internet and international news stations went wild with conspiracy theories about what could’ve happened to her. Some thought murder, some thought possession, others thought drugs. Watch for yourself and try and decode the events.
The Death Of Elisa Lam: The Full Story Of This Chilling Mystery
On February 19, after receiving complaints about poor water pressure from hotel guests, maintenance worker Santiago Lopez headed up to the roof of the hotel to check the hotel’s four water tanks. He noticed that one of the lids on the tanks was open and when he climbed the tank’s ladder and peered down inside it, he discovered the lifeless and naked body of Elisa Lam floating in the water.
TIL: About the elevator game. Which takes you to another dimension. : creepy
Covered in the episode- these are the “rules” from the Elevator Game or Elevator Ritual; some believe Elisa was a victim of this dark game.
People Are Still Convinced Elisa Lam's Death Was Connected To TB Outbreak
Ironically, a urine test that is used to detect Tuberculosis is called the “LAM-ELISA” test. Even more ironically, a bad outbreak of a drug-resistant strain of TB hit downtown LA immediately following Elisa’s death, leading some to theorize that she was purposefully infected and sent by the government to infect the poorer population of Los Angeles.
Coincidentally, the 2005 film “Dark Water” follows the events of a young girl who is discovered lifeless and drowned inside of a rooftop water tank. Some find the similarities to Elisa’s story suspicious.

LINK TO ELISA’S TUMBLR: https://nouvelle-nouveau.tumblr.com/


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