Most of the 750 million people worldwide who tuned in to witness the royal wedding between Prince Charles and his bright-eyed, young beauty Princess Diana, believed in the fairytale and magic that this newlywed couple were creating together.

Although, within a few years, the fairytale would crumble before the public’s eye and soon the marriage would end due to the Princes’ infidelity and the establishment’s disregard for Diana’s struggles with bulimia and depression.

Despite the divorce, the world remained on Diana’s side and she became “the people’s princess;” so when she suddenly and tragically died in a car accident on August 31, 1997- the questions and theories surrounding the many inconsistencies in the official story had only begun.


Episode Contents:

Photos of Princess Diana's Childhood - New Book About Diana's Life,  "Remembering Diana: A Life in Photographs"
Young Diana Spencer grew up as a shy and modest young girl who was interested in dancing and swimming. Her family had been acquainted with the royal family for generations, and when she reached adolescence, she took on her new title: “Lady Diana.”
The Crown reveals how Prince Charles wooed Diana after meeting 'amusing,  attractive' 16-year-old while dating her sister
After first dating her older sister, Prince Charles become infatuated with 19-year-old Diana and officially courted her. After a few months and with his mother’s (the Queen’s) blessing, Charles proposed to Diana.
Royal news: Prince Charles's private note to Diana night before wedding -  REVEALED | Royal | News | Express.co.uk
On July 29, 1981- with a global television audience of 750 million and 600,000 people in-attendance, Prince Charles and Princess Diana married; Diana took on her new role and title: Diana, Princess of Wales.
A Timeline of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Tumultuous, Tragic  Relationship | Vogue
Almost as quickly as it had begun, Diana’s and Charles’ romance came crashing down as Charles was infamously unfaithful. After years of media scrutiny and trying to make the marriage work, Charles and Diana called it quits and officially divorced in 1996.
Princess Diana's Charity Work, Explained - 9 Causes Championed by Princess  Di
After suffering behind her royal image with bulimia and depression, Diana’s new freedom and life became full of charity work and a push for humanitarian causes, and thus “the people’s princess” was born.
Bodyguard Trevor Rees details missing four minutes before Princess Diana  crash in Paris - NZ Herald
August 31, 1997: One of the last sightings of Diana: descending the elevator of the Paris Ritz, planning on returning to Fayed’s apartment with her short-term boyfriend Dodi Fayed, her driver Henri Paul, and her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones
Death of Diana: Times Journalists Recall Night of the Crash - The New York  Times
5 minutes after the CCTV footage captured Diana and her entourage leaving The Ritz, driver Henri Paul slammed the car into a cement pillar in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. Paul and Fayed were killed immediately; Diana and Rees-Jones were transported to the hospital where Diana passed away from her injuries that night.



Princess Diana: How the tabloid press treated her in the run up to her  death | The Independent | The Independent
Investigators have determined that Henri Paul was speeding at the time of the collision to evade several members of the paparazzi who were following their car. Some even suspect that because Diana had won a restraining order against one photographer, the paparazzi purposefully created unsafe driving conditions and intentionally caused the fatal accident.


Diana's driver was not a depressed alcoholic claim friends | Daily Mail  Online
Paul’s blood-alcohol level was found to be more than three times over the legal limit in France at the time of the collision. And while most people agree that his negligence caused the accident that night, some believe he was paid off to murder Diana as he suspiciously had deposited nearly $300,000 in cash into his bank account prior to the accident.


Several witnesses, including the accident’s sole survivor Trevor Rees-Jones, recall seeing a single motorcycle trailing closely behind Diana’s car that night in the Paris tunnel. One theory is that it was the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service (or MI6) that caused the accident by using a blinding strobe device (a technique that former members of MI6 have suggested exists) that was directed at the driver’s eyes; Paul would’ve then lost control of the vehicle and crashed it, while the suspect escaped.


Charles was asked about Princess Diana note' to Paul Burrell alleging the  Prince wanted her dead | Daily Mail Online
Most people who insist that Diana was killed off suggest that the royal family, or establishment, hired someone to do the job for them because of Diana’s growing power and popularity; she challenged tradition and her potential to become an influential world leader threatened the outdated monarchy. In the letter above which was given to her former butler in secret, Diana expresses her fear that her husband was plotting a way to have her killed.


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