Early in the morning on January 15, 1947, a woman came across a perfect posed, lifeless body of a young woman who had been cut in half at the torso, had pieces of her flesh removed, and had a deep cut across her mouth that stretched out towards her ears.

It was determined quickly by the FBI to be the body of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short, but giving her a name was only the beginning of the lifelong mystery that was about to unfold in what is now considered to be L.A.’s most infamous unsolved murder.


Episode Contents:

Nearly 70 years after her murder, here are the things we still don't know  about Black Dahlia - New York Daily News
Elizabeth Short’s body was discovered by LA resident Betty Bersinger around 10 A.M. on January 15, 1947. Bersinger was on a walk with her 3-year-old daughter headed for a shoe repair shop. Short’s body had been split in half at the waist, the two halves of her lying about a foot away from each other. (Note: this is a P.G., doctored image of the crime scene, Google at your own risk if you wish to see more but please be warned that it’s extremely graphic!)
The Black Dahlia — FBI
Short was able to be identified by her fingerprints which were in the FBI’s database twice due to a previous arrest for underrage drinking and applying for a government job. This is her mugshot.
Entry Three: The Black Dahlia | UNFREEZING COLD CASES
First letter sent to The L.A. Examiner by the killer, along with some of Short’s personal belongings.
Black Dahlia mansion is sold for $5m | Daily Mail Online
The killer’s second letter, addressed to Los Angeles’ Herald-Express.
Black Dahlia — Unsettling Murder Mystery of Elizabeth Short
The final letter the killer sent in to the L.A. Examiner.


Black Dahlia prime suspect in court — Calisphere
Manley was the last known person to see Short alive. He had given her a ride from San Diego and claims he dropped her off at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on January 9, 1947.


The Black Dahlia lived here – 6024 Carlos Ave., Los Angeles, CA – Creepy  LA: The Los Angeles Halloween Blog
Mark Hansen was a businessman, co-owner of a Hollywood Blvd. Nightclub and womanizer. The address book which belonged to Short had Mark Hansen’s name engraved on the front of it. Elizabeth Short had lived in Hansen’s home for more than three weeks.


Has the Black Dahlia Murder Finally Been Solved? - Rolling Stone
After writing into the LAPD confessing that he knew the Black Dahlia’s real killer, investigators met with Dillion whom they believed might be the actual murderer. Because he knew several details which hadn’t been made public yet, they tried to extract a confession out of him using excessive force.


Los Angeles history A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: The Office of Tomorrow  May 20, 1964, Adding Machine May 20, 1964. It's portable! It does  multiplication! And it's only $443.09 USD 2008. U.S. Calls for Release of  POWs; Lakers' Coach Quits, May 20, 1969 ...
Dr. Patrick O’Reilly was a practicing orthopedic surgeon at the time of Elizabeth Short’s murder. It’s reported that he made advances at Short which she declined. O’Reilly was previously convicted of physically assaulting a woman (see above photo).


Former LAPD detective will unveil new evidence in Black Dahlia case – San  Bernardino Sun
By far, Hodel is most often considered to be the likely murderer of Elizabeth Short. Hodel was a disease doctor who had studied surgery in the past. He was accused by his daughter of incest and sexual assault, but the court ultimately found him not guilty. Police had looked into Hodel for a possible connection to the sudden death of his secretary two years before Short’s murder.
The Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short) | Conspiracy Theories
One of the reasons George’s son Steve insists that his father killed the Black Dahlia is because of the similarities to the only known writing of the actual killer.
Party monster: the deranged, decadent life of Black Dahlia suspect George  Hodel
These photos were found among George Hodel’s personal belongings. Steve and many others believe this unidentified woman is Elizabeth Short.
Minotaur, 1934 - Man Ray - WikiArt.org
“Minotaur” by surrealist artist Man Ray, a personal friend of George Hodel’s. Steve Hodel believes his father was trying to emulate this photograph in posing Elizabeth’s body in a similar position. ( again: Google at your own risk!)
kvetchlandia" — Man Ray Observatory Time – The Lovers ...
“Les Amoureux” by Man Ray. Another photo which some believe was inspiration for George Hodel’s involvement in Short’s murder.
The 'Black Dahlia': Was Elizabeth Short the only victim? | by John William  | Medium
Found at the archives at UCLA, here’s a receipt showing George Hodel purchased bags of cement right before Short’s murder. An empty cement bag with blood in it was found near her body and was likely used to transport her corpse.


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