After a 7&1/2 month pregnant Laci Peterson went missing on Christmas Eve of 2002, all eyes were on her husband Scott who claimed he was out fishing while she disappeared.

Once the public learned of Scott’s infidelity and many lies, there was only one suspect: Scott Peterson himself.

Laci’s and her unborn son Conner’s bodies washed up months later along the San Francisco Bay shoreline less than 3 miles away from where Scott had been fishing on Christmas Eve morning. Scott was found guilty and sentenced to death by lethal injection despite any physical evidence.

Which begs the question: can you RIGHTFULLY convict someone of first-degree murder based solely on circumstantial evidence?

Episode Contents:

Scott Peterson's Sister Speaks After Death Sentence Is Overturned |  PEOPLE.com
Laci Rocha met Scott Peterson at Scott’s workplace, a cafe in Morro Bay, CA. Laci would frequent the spot and got the courage to give him her phone number. Their first date was deep sea fishing where Laci got very seasick.
Laci Peterson Murder True Story | POPSUGAR Celebrity
Aug. 9, 1997: After just two years of dating, Scott and Laci tied the knot at a hillside, coastal resort in California.
What Happened to Laci Peterson? Revisit Her Devastating Murder
Scott and Laci moved back to Modesto to be closer to Laci’s family and also to start their own. They opened up a hamburger joint which became profitable and eventually sold the business.
Scott Laci Peterson: Photos From Their Marriage – Hollywood Life
The couple seemed to be the ideal pairing from the outside as they enjoyed hosting holiday parties with their close friends at their home in Modesto, CA.
Family of Laci Peterson Confront Killer Husband Scott at Trial | PEOPLE.com
In the summer of 2002, Laci became pregnant with hers and Scott’s baby. The two planned to name their unborn son Conner.
Conner's Nursery
Conner’s nursery: nautical-themed with a lifesaver ring hanging on the wall which reads “Welcome Aboard.”
The Death of Laci Peterson - Soapboxie
On Christmas Eve 2002, 7& 1/2 month pregnant Laci is reported missing by her stepfather Ron Grantski after he discovers that nobody including her husband Scott has seen her since the morning.
Scott Peterson sentenced to life in prison after being spared a death  sentence
As the weeks turned into months and there were no new leads coming into police, her family, friends, and community put together a large reward incentive.
Laci Peterson Murder: 16 Years After Calif. Wife Went Missing | PEOPLE.com
On April , 2003- just a day after the body of Conner is discovered along the San Francisco shoreline, Laci Peterson’s body is found less than a mile away. Both bodies were found only 2-3 miles away from the Berkeley Marina where Scott says he fished on the morning of Christmas Eve.
Conner did not wash ashore
A Google satellite image depicting where Conner’s and Laci’s bodies washed up in relation to the Berkeley Marina where Scott had gone fishing on Christmas Eve.
Peterson Family Lies : r/ScottPetersonCase
The storage shed/office space that Scott utilized to store his boat.
Scott's Timeline
Crime scene photo of the Peterson’s restroom which shows Laci’s curling iron and chair as if they had recently been used.
Scott and Laci Peterson home sells at a big discount | Modesto Bee
Photo of the exterior of Scott’s and Laci’s home.
McKenzie- Laci’s golden retriever who was reportedly found wandering around the neighborhood on the morning of December 24, 2002. The dog’s leash was muddy and full of debris as if it had been dragged on the ground for some time. The defense points to this as proof that Laci might have been abducted while on a walk with McKenzie.
The Scott Peterson case: New evidence? - CBS News
Amber Frey came forward after discovering that Scott Peterson was in the news regarding Laci’s disappearance. She said that Scott had lied to her and told her he was a widower while his pregnant wife was still very much alive. She worked with police to get over 29 hours of audio recordings from their ongoing phone conversations while the search for Laci was ongoing.
This photo of Scott smiling/laughing while attending a candlelight vigil for his missing wife went viral and led many to believe he had something to do with her disappearance.
Husband Arrested In Laci Case - CBS News
Once the bodies of Laci and Conner were found, Scott was arrested on April 18, 2003. When police got to him, they realized that he had dyed his hair; and in his car, they found $15,000 in cash, many changes of clothes, viagra tablets, four cell phones, and his and his brother’s driver licenses.
Media Frenzy (2017)
The only piece of physical evidence ever recovered in this case was a single piece of Laci’s hair found stuck in a pair of pliers on Scott’s fishing boat.
Scott's Boat
Scott Peterson’s boat which prosecutors believe he used to dump Laci’s body in the water.
The defense’s reenactment where they tried to recreate the prosecution’s theory that Scott had thrown Laci’s body out of his boat. Though they failed to prove it was possible to do so without capsizing the boat, the trial judge didn’t allow jurors to see this experiment during the trial.
Scott Peterson breaks his silence on his murder conviction: 'I had no idea  it was coming' - ABC News
The 6-man, 6-woman jury found Scott Peterson guilty of first-degree murder of his wife Laci Peterson and second-degree murder of his unborn son Conner. They sentenced him to death by lethal injection.
True crime TV: The devil's in the details | CNN
Scott Peterson was recently re-sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


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